Don’t waste, squeeze more

Pretty much everyone may have experienced a very rushing morning, wrestling with toothpaste that refuses to get into your mouth no matter how hard you squeeze it! This can happen if you have no extra toothpaste, or if you think that it’s too wasteful to through the rest away. 
These days, I personally am very satisfied with this tooth brush. It squeezes out the paste fairly clean, and besides, it is a very eco-friendly solution. Afterwards, I found another fun from its grip – its tension gives somewhat good feeling.

-by Yong Kyou Lee

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  1. Great job! well done!
    Go for it!
    I like your blog, its name, overall view of website and of course this toothbrush. Talk soon! Take care!

    1. I don’t like my icon though. haha

      1. JUNWON. thanks for vistiting my blog. you are the first one to leave a reply. i hope you enjoy my space 🙂

      2. Hello~
        You can change your icon by registering and assigning one in =)

  2. Wonderful idea of a toothbrush.
    i also like how your site is clean, but not too sterile. love the touches of nature 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comment. 🙂 i’m feeling up to taking your advice. 🙂