Birth of Populus Alba

A plant grew new leaves and relived after being dead for a year. I’ve been giving it new soil and watering it persistently. It’s been exactly one year since I’ve waited for it to live. The waiting gave me hope that someday it’ll show new sprouts again. Unexpectedly, an interesting story from Japanese history came to my mind. A story about Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. A famous story called ‘non-singing bird’ is truly descriptive based on three people. If there’s a bird that does’t cry, Oda Nobunaga said, “I’m going to kill the birds,”¬†and Toyotomi Hideyoshi said, “I’ll make the birds cry.”¬†Tokugawa Ieyasu said, “I’m going to wait until the birds cry.” It’s a short story of three people that reveals their humanity. The reliving of the dead plant was like a singing bird to me.

In the life we live in, what are the things we wait for? Relationships? Half sized earning rate of a fund? Salary? Good looking body? Kids? For me, making a special blog (not something original) was something I waited for. I’ve searched for blogs to put up my work, ideas, and my daily life. But nothing seemed to fit my needs. Then after a long wait, I started making 2010 wordpress blog. I named the blog ‘populus alba.’ It’s a common tree name which means ‘people’s happiness.’ As a designer, I want to produce, share, and develop happiness.
There’s a personal story relating to trees which I’ll tell later on. How do you think about the name ‘populus alba?’

2010 Yong Kyou Lee

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  1. populus alba… it’s an attractive name